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PREFERENCE of Aoyagi Seike

"Seike" under "Aoyagi"

Our name “Seike” is given by Prince Sanataka Ichijo.
He was more than satisfied with our wagashi taste on the first festival of the nationwide cenfection censecration in 1949. It is the same now as the old when we’ve named prestigious “Seike,” we select the top grade ingredients to make the highest Wagashi with all our heart. We’ve been putting efforts to make “Wagashi which will make all of you happy.”
We make Wagashi wholeheartedly and hope you feel “Shunkashuto,” the heart of Wagashi.
It is good to use Wagashi for the tea time that makes your day special, for your loved one as a gift.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Confectioner, the third-generation president of Aoyagi Seike
Tomokazu Sunaga

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